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What is coaching?

Why do people need coaches? Does coaching work? What on earth does a coach do?! 


These questions are common. But don't sweat it. We’ve got your answers.


Coaching involves holding powerful conversations, to help people achieve their goals and make lasting improvements in their lives. 

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A coach is:

  • Forward looking (they’re not about dwelling on the past) 

  • Practical and focused on mindset and strategy 

  • Directed by the client in sessions – after all, the client knows where they want to go...

  • Forever expanding their skills and potential (they're self-improvement junkies!)

  • Non-judgemental and honest 

  • Someone who looks at the ‘who’ and the ‘how’ instead of ‘knowledge’ and ‘information’ 



Coaches are not consultants/mentors (though some can be both). They don’t tell you what to do!


Coaches empower you to help yourself. They work with you to uncover the way forward.

What's the research say? 

Coaching has a huge impact on businesses and individuals, leading to... 


improved performance


improved self confidence


improved life/work balance, job satisfaction & wellness


improved relationships, interpersonal skills, and communication skills

How coaching can help

Coaching can help with the whole picture in any aspect of life:

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(your vision)

Asset 4.png


(the nuts and bolts - operations/performance - knowledge, information, measurables, targets)

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Coaching helps people:

  • Get crystal clear on their purpose and goals (and how to fulfil them) 

  • Design strategies and actions to accomplish their biggest goals, and the smaller ones too

  • Obliterate blocks and limitations, clearing the path to getting what they desire (finally!)

  • Experience fun, ease and other positive states in their lives 

  • Reach their potential and/or keep their edge!

  • Improve their wellbeing and kick high stress levels to the curb 

  • Feel empowered to take charge of their lives with solid self-assurance

  • Improve on areas like: confidence, work/life balance, engagement, relationships, performance, and success/impact (coaching can increase profits and sales!)

Got Questions?

Want to find out how coaching can change your life or your business? Just click on the button below and let's get chatting! 

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