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Delivered by

Delivered by Dr. Helen B Johnson,
Founder & CEO at Coaching Beyond

Accredited PCC level ICF coach and Integrated Energy Practitioner (EFT, NLP, hypnosis) – Trained in personal construct psychology, personality profiling, neuroscience in coaching, career and business coaching, positive psychology, strengths and values coaching, and therapeutic techniques.


Introducing DEEPER, my signature advanced coaching skills programme where you learn powerful tools and techniques for getting to the heart of an issue, connecting with yourself and what really matters and facilitating deep transformation - whether for personal growth or for working with clients. 

Are you up for raising your energy and game even higher?... I help superstar coaches, leaders, entrepreneurs, and curious humans to hone their skills and impact and access unique learning- while enhancing their own wellbeing. If you are a coach, mentor, leader or teacher (in the widest sense!) this programme will help you to offer an even more powerful client experience. However, most importantly this is a space for focusing on yourself too. Here’s what the course is all about:

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Bringing more light into your life and the lives of others - making life more enjoyable and helping you to get where you want to be

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Cultivating wisdom - reducing stress, making our minds a fun place to be, and honing our clarity and insights

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Learning how to integrate and reconcile with hidden and rejected parts of the self - making you feel more powerful

Coaching Beyond Banners 02.png

You'll be up for doing some deep work on yourself - at a manageable pace! - clearing blocks, reconnecting with yourself, accessing even more greatness, never ever getting complacent... This is about the whole person and going beyond the obvious - because that's what you value for your clients too. I have put this course together so that you can learn some great tricks and tools, enjoy the ride, see some deep personal changes and insights, and then go out and make more positive waves in the world.


Just Imagine

Taking the time to really reconnect with yourself, deal with those little mindset 'niggles' that are knocking around, and even resolving some stuff that is hidden and hard to access

Adding even more of an edge - and ease! - to your work or client experience, making it powerful and cutting edge - with a skill set and competence that is even more deeply embedded into who you are.

Stepping into your power whilst being vulnerable and flawed... having a space to be both the student AND the master - to grow both in business and personally.



I will show you the best ways of thinking and the most efficient tools from across different modalities, showing you how to use them in the most effective way for your clients and yourself. This course offers a way of working on both your own personal development and – because I know you can’t help but always be thinking about your business too! – your business and professional development.


I will save you time and energy by translating the models and methods which have a lot to offer into what is most powerful and practical for personal development. My in-depth learning becoming yours in a more efficient time frame... meaning you can access what really matters in supporting your clients to be sharp, focused and expansive.


This course is for you:

You are a superstar to further cement your space in your niche and in the world. Learning and evolving is non-negotiable to you.

You are super talented yet know you need to train too- if there were an Avengers team for doing good coaching and personal development, you'd want to be one of them.


You want to stay at the cutting edge of thinking and offer a client experience that stays unique.

You are heart centred and love holding space for others yet this can be at the expense of your own space and energy. You are ready to embrace and honour yourself - especially the hidden and rejected parts that you suspect hold hidden power - and hone your skills.

Depth is non-negotiable to you - you know that whatever goals you or your clients have can only be achieved on a solid foundation by doing deeper mindset work. 


What We Cover


8 workshops, three weeks apart.

The workshops cover a range of powerful modalities and deliver to you what is most important. We explore these for your own personal development, as well as how to integrate this into coaching others.

1 TO 1'S

3 x 60 minute one to ones


We use the modalities and coaching combined to work on your own personal and business development and address what is unique to you. Get one to one direct focus time to discuss, nurture and discuss steps forward.


Modalities We Cover

Philosophy for

cutting through

nonsense and

saving energy

Buddhism for living fully and with both dark and light

Energy Techniques and emotions - Be the 1% who does this well

Life journeys -  navigating deep inner change and overcoming core life challenges

Mythological Archetypes for deep connection and hidden superpowers

Techniques from psychology for getting into someone's way of thinking FAST


Course Details:

What happens in the course

Here's a list of stuff we'll be covering:

- Emotional freedom and emotional intelligence

- Working with archetypes (and why!)

- Healing inner conflict and core wounds

- Practical philosophy and critical thinking

- Being zen af (in other words, getting a more peaceful mind)

- Working with our unique worldviews

- Navigating big life journeys

As you can see, this is why I call it 'Deeper' and not 'messing around with surface BS' because this really IS about laying the groundwork for more satisfaction and enjoyment of life, reconnecting with the self, and cultivating compassion towards the self and others.

I believe that at its core coaching should be about cultivating self trust, ease, and living life to the full - so these are all the best, most interesting, and - crucially - most powerful tools to get you there.

What you get

Small group context (maximum 16)

3 x 60 minute one to ones

8 workshops, each three weeks apart

9 toolkits (including strategy) 

Email support and consultation throughout

No homework and a manageable pace



Tuesday evenings 6.30pm - 9.30pm,  three weeks apart

Starting 27th June 2023


Your investment

£888 (no VAT) 

(Or pay in five instalments)

Includes six months in our Membership+!


CCE for ICF Accredited Coaches

The course offers 14 Core Competency Hours and 6 Resource Development Hours for your ICF CPD. 

Course details
Coaching Beyond Banners 02.png

What Clients Say

I really enjoyed my work with Helen. It was fascinating, unexpected and surprising. I learned a great deal from it, and the emails that we had subsequently. I did enjoy it so much that it made me want to do more work with Helen.
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Payment Options

Standard cost: £888

Register and pay in FULL (£888)
or Pay in 5 INSTALMENTS (no additional cost)

If you would like to pay in installments please drop us a message to arrange your payment plan here.
Coaching Beyond Banners 02.png

Start your journey and get deeper!

For more information download our course brochure, or book a call and speak with course director Helen Johnson. If you are ready to get started today then sign up below.
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