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Coaching and Impact Support

We offer full coach training for individuals and coaching skills workshops.

Our signature programme involves training people in coaching and then mentoring and supporting them to embed these skills into their not for profit activities. This could involve coaching people in the community OR using coaching at a strategic level in order to enhance the impact of a project (including self coaching and using a coaching approach in leadership and within teams).


Any aspect of not for profit work that involves reflection, challenge, active listening, strong relationships, and vision/direction can be enhanced by strong coaching skills. Please enquire below for costs or the availability of funded places.

Impact Support

Coach Training

Coaching has been shown to empower people and help them to reach their goals. Coach training can support staff to empower others and to find the right balance of offering support while also helping people to become more connected to themselves and independent. This skill can enhance communication and ways of working with service users, as well as your own impact in your role (outside of any therapy needs someone has - it is not a substitute for therapy).

Coach Training
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You will:

  • Learn about the role of coaching in improving impact, social dynamics, and communication

  • Build a range of coaching tools and skills 

  • Understand how to support change and empowerment 

  • Gain deeper understanding of yourself and others

Working at home
In order to:
  • Maximise your impact as an activist or service provider 

  • Improve relationships and communication 

  • Help others to engage with services AND to thrive independently 

  • Develop evidence based approaches to empowering others

Skills Workshops

Coaching Skills Workshops

We also have coaching workshops available for your team. Contact us to find out if we are able to offer this at no cost or at a subsidised rate (dependent on company criteria). The workshops below are included;

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Supporting people using emotional intelligence

How to use emotional intelligence to support people, be better leaders, improve our relationships, and get more out of life.

Duration: 90-mins
Prices start at: £350
Enquire Now

Find out more information

If you are interested in either the coach skills workshops or the accredited training please provide as much information as possible in the following form;

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