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Vision and Mission

At Coaching Beyond we provide high quality coach training that offers a deep understanding of the core competencies and develops highly skilled coaches. We provide a learning environment that embraces and supports the whole person and enables our students to use coaching creatively and confidently in their work and lives. We offer a curriculum that is reflective, varied, and based on evidence and research. We believe that coaching helps people to thrive by transforming the way that they engage with the world – therefore, we teach our coaches to coach the whole person.

 Our vision is for a diverse range of people to be using coaching as a skill and rolling this out to empower people across different contexts, from corporate to social impact. We envisage equipping individuals with the skills to competently and creatively support people through coaching and the enthusiasm to communicate its benefits and impacts and introduce it to others so that more people can access coaching and reach their potential. Find out below about our values and learning philosophy.

Values and Learning Philosophy

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Respecting mastery and the individual

We recognise that our clients come with a wealth of experience and expertise – they have existing mastery that they can draw from in their learning and integrate with their coaching skills. We respect our students ability to know how to use coaching – within the bounds of ethics and competencies – in the way that works for them. Our learning aim is to facilitate mastery of coaching that embodies the coach’s ability to respond to each individual situation and think creatively as a coach rather than teaching a rigid or formal model – we teach why the model and tools work and how to use them in different ways.

Diversity and inclusion

We are reflective about our own biases and encourage others to do so as well. We believe that everyone should have access to learning and opportunities and we strive to make the world a more inclusive place. We seek to engage with a diverse range of people and to incorporate a diverse range of experience and views into what we do.

Holding space for learning

We also recognise that students come to learn and grow and that this means holding space for them as the light dawns gradually as a whole. This means that we hold a safe space to get things wrong, to experiment, and to take time to integrate and embed learning. We also embrace the student in ourselves as an organisation and seek to learn from experience and feedback.

Communication and transparency

We strive to be open and honest about who we are and what we do and we encourage open and honest communication with others. We make our communications clear and accessible. We are available to communicate with and open to conversation. We strive to give clear instructions and expectations and to ensure that our feedback is usable and actionable.


We continuously reflect on our training to ensure that it is high quality, impactful, and communicates complex ideas in a simple and accessible way. We always strive to think deeply and with nuance and to incorporate this into our training.  We will communicate concepts, contextualise these and provide real life examples, and explain their importance – this helps to ensure that concepts are embedded in the client’s understanding.

Diverse learning approaches

We use diverse tools, such as practice, self-reflection, small group discussion, engagement with tools, videos, and articles/online resources. We also make use of peer learning (through shared practice), training (through observation and detailed feedback), and teaching (through communicating concepts and ideas). 

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