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Introduction to Coaching Skills

In this course we cover basic modules from our full ICF Diploma in Skilled Coaching and there are no requirements outside of attendance in the sessions. This means that you get a solid foundation in coaching in the most efficient time frame possible. A great way to boost your skills or the skills of your workforce and enhance your capacity to bring out the best in yourself and others.

Online Class

Transform your business with coaching

Even the toughest corporate environments are starting to realise that wellbeing, positive communication, and environments that raise up their staff are essential to business success. The last few years has been termed ‘the great resignation’ because people aren’t willing to compromise, they want to do work that matters and be valued as whole people. This does NOT mean stepping in to rescue people or disempower them through too much hand holding… It does mean understanding what is truly effective at communicating, understanding, and empowering people to thrive.

This course helps people to gain a skill that they will use in different contexts throughout their careers to have even more of a positive impact on people. Coaching is about helping people to reach their goals and maximise their strengths, while making sure that the process is right for them so they don’t burn out. Leaders, managers, changemakers, and service providers can all benefit from learning this skill.

The knowledge and understanding that you gain can be translated to different contexts. You might be going deep and really helping someone to make sure – or you might use your deep understanding to observe a situation and figure out how best to respond without necessarily doing deep coaching. You will learn how to adapt and to use your insight, not just how to follow a structure (although we give you those too!).

Even better if you fall in love with these skills and want to do the full training, these modules are taught on the full Diploma and you can easily convert or take advantage of a bespoke package.

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In the Introduction to Coaching Skills we cover topics such as:
  • How to structure a coaching conversation

  • Powerful questioning and creating awareness

  • Life/work satisfaction

  • The relationship between emotions, thoughts, and behaviour

  • Behavioural dynamics

  • Working with an understanding of the brain

  • How to reach goals and/or make change

  • Bringing out the best in people while embracing the whole person

Course Details

Length: 8 weeks

8 weekly or fortnightly modules

2 hours per session

Self-paced workbooks for each module

Recommended reading

One individual mentoring session (60 minutes)

No homework! (But lots to engage with outside of sessions at your own pace)

Location: Online, from anywhere you like!

Your Investment

Cost: From £8k (depending on group size)

Tailored packages available.

Get in touch for more information.


Module Overview

Module 1: Introduction to Coaching and Core Competencies

Module 2: Using Coaching: Structuring a Conversation and                     Embedding a Coaching Culture

Module 3: Neuroscience and Performance 
Module 4: Ethics and Relationship Dynamics

               Also includes observed practice and feedback

Optional extras:
Accelerator Package

Add on an Accelerator Package to really hone your skills consisting of:

- 3 x detailed written feedback on half hour practice sessions (recorded in your own time and uploaded)

Follow-Up Workshops
Fortnightly or monthly workshops for a period of six months after the course.

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Interested in our Introduction to Coaching Skills?

For more information or to arrange an Introduction to Coaching Skills course for your organisation please get in touch using the button below.
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