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Hello, I am Helen Johnson

I founded Coaching Beyond to help people to help themselves AND others to make the most of their strengths and find fulfilment in work and life. Powerful coaching combines insight, the ability to help others to see clearly, and creative questioning in order to help people to clear their blocks, feel better, and design really strong strategy for reaching their goals. Coaching helps people to really understand themselves and to understand their world so that they never waste their own energy or go through their life on autopilot. Instead, they decide how they want to show up to the world, how to draw from their resilience, values, and energy, and how to make conscious decisions about what they think and do. This leads to more fulfilment and greater impact overall.

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My Story

To me coaching skills shouldn't be limited to people who decide that they want to focus on coaching in their careers – it’s something we all need to master. I’ve dedicated my career to gathering tools that help people to make change and to live a ‘good life’. Some people call this stuff ‘soft’ or ‘woo’ but I think the really soft stuff is when we stay on the surface – only really thinking about ‘the what’ and the small hill we need to climb that is in front of us, instead of learning self mastery and honing our ability to face the world with resilience, wisdom, and positivity. Anyone who does this kind of work knows that it takes attention and maintenance, it can’t simply be ignored (and trust me… I love to wing it in many things!).

I am a PCC Coach with the International Coach Federation and I have trained over 100 people to be coaches so far… However, my coaching and personal development experience stretches out from way before I officially became a coach. I have an eclectic background and I draw from this in the coaching training I offer – I don’t stick to one style of thinking and I understand WHY the coaching competencies we learn are important. I believe that no matter how much of a big deal we are in our careers, we can always be more successful (in the widest sense, meaning impact and satisfaction…) when we are completely connected to ourselves, aligned, and rid of all the masks and BS that can clutter our thinking and even our actions… By learning coaching skills, people can help others to reconnect to themselves fully but they also get to do this for themselves first.

What coaching did for me is help me to pull together my wisdom that I had collected over the years and to fill the gap in my skills and understanding, particularly around communication, empowerment of others, and active listening. Similarly, I help people to fully integrate the coaching skills they develop into who they are and their own unique purpose.

Facts About Me


I’m hard to pigeon hole – I love a bit of woo and my working life hasn’t been conventional but I also have a Phd in Criminology and Social Psychology, am an ex barrister, and have a Philosophy degree from the University of Oxford…


I have a laid back approach but don’t be fooled – I’m a master at both the light and the dark. Of keeping perspective and humour while also challenging myself and going deep – and this is the approach I take in coaching/training too. Anyone working with me will laugh but also be clearing out a lot of BS and leveling up.


I love to surf but I’m not very good. I once read a book called ‘Why Lawyers Should Surf’ – who knew that lawyers and surfers need the same skills! I once went on a surf holiday only to find that the surf instructor was also a lawyer… 

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