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Diploma in Skilled Coaching

Learn to... 

  • Ignite thought provoking and creative conversations to maximise your future clients' impact and potential

  • Empower others to tap into a strong, imaginative and productive mindset, so they can confidently strut towards their goals and achieve them!

  • Be a mighty and effective leader, capable of taking others to success and helping them step up their leadership game

  • Support others to overcome challenges, both big and small, with practical strategies and mindset makeovers

  • Boost people’s sense of fulfilment and purpose in their everyday lives 

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Imagine being able to offer all of the above to yourself…

You know the old saying ‘give someone a fish and you feed them for a day. Teach them to fish and feed him for a lifetime’? That’s what we do as coaches (without all the fish). 


You can empower others to make real change with our accredited coach training and coaching skills workshops. 


Already coaching? We've got you. We offer training for experienced coaches, helping them get even deeper with clients. Check out our CCEs or get more info about our reaccreditation programme. 

More information

Course Details

Length: 67 hours

These hours include: 


  • Live teaching (2.5 hours a week) with qualified ICF-accredited coaches that have stood where you stand and made coaching a success 

  • One-to-one mentoring to help you move your skills forward in a way that is laser focused on what YOU need

  • Group mentoring integrated into the training

  • Observation and both oral and written feedback on your coaching so that you can keep honing your craft

  • Self-study with our thorough but digestible workbooks (recommended reading included for eager beavers) 

  • This cover-all training runs over 16 weeks, with a break over Christmas, Easter and 2 weeks off in August. 


Wednesdays 9.30am to 12pm

27th Sept to 24th Jan, weekly, 16 sessions (two weeks break over Christmas)

Please let us know if you can't do these dates but are interested in other cohorts, particularly if you would prefer evenings or weekends.


Online, from anywhere you like!

Language: English

Not just talk. 
Coaching has an immense and measurable impact on both businesses and individuals. And we have the numbers to prove it…  

Research shows coaching leads to: 


improved business management, team work, and effectiveness


improved life and work balance, job satisfaction, and general wellness


improved relationships, interpersonal skills, performance and communication


improved self confidence. Increases in engagement, productivity, and revenue

Sources: ICF 2009 Global Coaching Client Study
Maximizing the Impact of Executive Coaching, Manchester Review
ICF Building a Coaching Culture

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What you get in our coach training:

  • A solid, practical and thorough understanding of coaching


  • A training programme that meets the International Coaching Federation’s core coaching competencies (ICF-accreditation is considered the gold standard in coach training – so, why not go for gold?) 


  • Powerful tools and techniques that spark deep transformations, optimum wellbeing and better performances – both in your working and personal life


  • A deep dive into evidence-supported approaches like neuroscience, emotional intelligemce and positive psychology 


  • A direct path to ICF ACC accreditation, without hidden fees or a need for more training post-diploma (we take you to the finish line) 


  • Resources for developing your career and business, and advice on integrating your skills with your unique purpose 

  • Learn how to coach in a way that is effortless, powerful, authentic, and ethical


  • A happier and fulfilled YOU, owning your edge, with transformed thoughts, feelings and actions

*This is subject to passing the requirements with the ICF, which will be assessed at the end of our first round of training. All participants in this first round will be eligible for ACC accreditation once the training has been audited.

This training is for you if you are:
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An individual keen on becoming a coach or on adding transformational coaching skills to your existing role

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A leader who wants to excel in their position and support others to succeed in theirs!

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A not-for-profit worker wanting to learn new skills to empower service users/the community 

  • How to structure a coaching conversation to get the most value from a session

  • How to ask powerful questions and step into  total awareness

  • How to create what we all crave: life/work satisfaction

  • The relationship between emotions, thoughts, and behaviours (and how to get them serving you) 

  • The ins and outs of behavioural dynamics (made easy) 

  • How to ‘decode’ and work with this powerful thing called the brain

  • How to reach your goals and make actual change that sticks

  • How to bring out the best in others and encourage them to embrace the whole 

  • How to do all of the above with skill and ethics at the forefront 


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In  our coach training, you'll discover...

Meet Your Training Team

Helen Johnson

Founder and CEO

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Sarah Atkins

Trainer, Coach and Mentor

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Charlotte Owusu-Allen

Not for Profits Liaison

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Payment Options

Find out more about our offerings for Not for Profits HERE

Price: £2444

(Please enquire for discounts for social impact projects)

Register and pay in FULL (£2444)

If you would like to pay in instalments please drop us a message to arrange your payment plan here.
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Join our next cohort and change your life!


Want to know more about this thing called coaching? Head here. 


Interested in offering training within your organisation via seriously good and practical workshops? Find out more here. 


If you’re an experienced coach and you want more tools in your toolbox, and the ability to go deeper with your clients, click here (includes info about CCEs for re-accreditation with the ICF). 



So, are you ready to become a brilliant and assured coach? Join our next cohort. We start in September 2023
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