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Live Assessment Process

Setting up assessments

Assessors create a booking link for assessments so that students can book a slot subject to the times made available in their diary (Calendly is the preferred software for this).

Dates are made available at the beginning of module 7 of the course.

Students should have submitted and received feedback on 5 recordings before the carry out their assessment. Although they can book before these recordings have been completed, they should allow adequate time for this to have been completed before the assessment occurs. Students should also have completed all their individual mentoring sessions before the live assessment, but can complete group mentoring at their discretion, bearing in mind that they cannot receive their certificate until mentoring is completed.

Students are emailed an explanation of the live assessment, a reminder of assessment criteria, and a booking link with information on the above timings and requirements.

Assessment dates are entered into a spreadsheet within the register and the result is recorded here.

During the live assessment

Students are informed that they have 30-35 minutes and that the session must strictly adhere to timings.

They are informed that the assessor will turn off their video and microphone and press record. This is the cue for the student to start. They are informed that the assessor will have no further contact with them and that when the session is complete they should say goodbye and leave the meeting. The assessor will close the room and stop the recording.

Before turning off the microphone and video the assessor will remind them once again that their cue to start is when the recording is switched on.

Grading Criteria

The grading criteria used is outlined below. Students are provided with feedback in accordance with a feedback form that is also used for recordings. The content of this feedback form is also set out below.


Borderline cases must be reviewed by the Director of Education and a final result then decided upon.

Assessors will email the students after the live assessment with their result: pass or fail.

Students are also provided with the feedback form in the email.

A certificate is sent out only when all of the required recordings, paperwork, mentoring, and live assessments have been completed.

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