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Coaching Skills Workshops

Take your team to the next stage of their evolution with our coaching workshops. Experience a range of modalities to boost resilience, develop mindsets of steel, and encourage impressive performances at work.  


Whether you’re a leader, team member, mentor, or entrepreneur… our interactive and value-packed workshops prepare professionals to make a greater impact. 


What do you want to achieve? 


You Will:

  • Learn about the role of coaching in improving impact, social dynamics, and communication

  • Build a range of coaching tools and skills, so you can serve more people and deal with a full gamut of challenges

  • Understand how to support change and empowerment, in any area of life

  • Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others – an essential first step to making any kind of lasting change

  • Learn about common pitfalls in our thinking and behaviour, and how to avoid them! 

  • Make your mark and have a visible effect on others 

  • Improve relationships and communications

  • Help others to engage with their purpose and career

  • Empower others with evidence-based approaches (Science says they work!)  

  • Support others to reach their goals and strategise towards nailing your own

  • Release stress and make life easier through potent mindset shifts

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So you can…

Check out our workshops

Find out how we can make you and your team more effective. All workshops can be customised to suit your teams needs.


Duration: 90-mins
Prices start at: £350
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Supporting people using emotional intelligence

How to use emotional intelligence to support people, be better leaders, improve our relationships, and get more out of life.

Duration: 90-mins
Prices start at: £350
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Got Questions?

Want to find out more about our coaching skills workshops? Just click on the button below and let's get chatting! 

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