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Hello, I am Helen Johnson

I am here for conversations with coaches, mentors, leaders, and personal development enthusiasts who are into depth and impact and being brilliant - but without all the nonsense and BS that holds us back and makes up a lot of noise out there. I am far from a guru - I'm unruly, a complex thinker, and still learning a ton of stuff myself. I'm here to learn what works and what matters, to have fun with it, and to find new ways to help myself and others to develop our excellence without holding back on who we are.


- Calling out bullshit ideas that get into our heads and bringing in beautiful ones to replace them with

- Life/career tips (and reminders) for scrappy, determined survivors instead of slick, polished smooth talkers

- Getting so aligned with yourself that it's scary (in a good way) without compromising on success

The focus is on coaching and self coaching and developing skills, tools, and techniques - but I don't stick to one way of doing things. My core offerings are ICF accredited coach training and one to one work that draws from a range of modalities in order to help people to sort their heads out, feel better, and make big change in their lives.

Hmmm... What else? I was once a barrister, I have a PhD in Criminology and Social Psychology on how to help people to get out of challenging circumstances, and I still do anti-trafficking work to this day. I lost my mum in an accident at the age of 23. I am a single mum to two children - one of whom has type 1 diabetes. I have ADHD. I have travelled all over the world. I've had inadvisable love affairs, humiliating career failures, and made countless mistakes. I've done two skydives, one bungee jump, tried and failed to swim with sharks about three times, and I can sing pretty well too. I love to surf (but I no longer have the tummy muscles for it). 

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Ten Hot Topics for Talks, Podcasts, and Guest Writing...

1. Doing life in a way that suits you - and is no longer on autopilot or fitting yourself inside a box 


2.  The reality of  personal development (how it isn’t all being zen and weirding people out with a plastered on smile - and how sometimes you may even feel worse but you wouldn’t go back…) 


3. How to find your right steps when you are trying to make change - and how this isn’t about the short cuts or rushing into things because someone is selling you a quick fix but instead is about getting really comfortable and scared at the same time and pioneering your socks off...


4.  How to integrate all your hidden and rejected parts instead of fighting against yourself (and how those parts are always exactly what you need, even though you might not know this now!) 


5.  Allowing yourself to be free and how spot the BS that is holding you back - including the five top lies we are buying into when it comes to ‘doing life’ 


6.  How to anchor yourself into your own uniqueness instead of a bunch of rules people told you to follow - and how this involves love and intimacy as the keys to healing all wounds 


7.  What can Criminology/Philosophy/Psychology (you choose!) teach us about how to change our lives/keep our minds clear/stop repeating unwanted patterns? 

8. What to do if you suffer, like I do, from a perpetual 'Knight in Shining Armour' syndrome whehre you think someone will come along and rescue you and make good stuff happen, instead of rescuing yourself...

9.  Generally, how to do life and work with depth and real impact, instead of getting derailed by BS


10. My top powerful questions for having better conversations that really help people (i.e. a crash course in coaching) 


Facts About Me


I’m hard to pigeon hole – I love a bit of woo and my working life hasn’t been conventional but I also have a Phd in Criminology and Social Psychology, am an ex barrister, and have a Philosophy degree from the University of Oxford. The common thread is that I am interested in how to make big change in our lives. 


I have a laid back approach but don’t be fooled – I’m a master at both the light and the dark. Of keeping perspective and humour while also challenging myself and going deep – and this is the approach I take in coaching/training too. Anyone working with me will laugh but also be clearing out a lot of BS and leveling up.


I love to surf but I’m not very good - surrender, joy, strength, and awareness, it's got it all! As an ex lawyer, I love a book called ‘Why Lawyers Should Surf’ – who knew that lawyers and surfers need the same skills?! I once went on a surf holiday only to find that the surf instructor was also a lawyer. 

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