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Explore Astrology and Understand Your Chart

Discover the fascinating world of astrology through our engaging masterclass, where coaching meets a personalized mini-course. In just 2.5 hours, you'll gain a solid grasp of astrology fundamentals, complete with a comprehensive workbook filled with valuable links and insights into your unique astrology chart.

Unlock Your Inner Potential

Astrology, rooted in mythology, unveils the profound truths that resonate with our human experiences. Your astrology chart serves as a blueprint, revealing how you express yourself, your needs, wants, values, strengths, and weaknesses. It's the key to unlocking your unique superpowers for a happier, more fulfilling, relaxed, and impactful life.

Whether you're an astrology enthusiast or simply curious, a chart reading is a powerful conversation starter about your direction, transformation, and achieving balance. We don't view your chart as a rigid description; instead, it's a potent gateway to reaching your desired destination.

If you're ready to:


Reconnect with yourself


Improve self-treatment


Enhance relationships

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Gain clarity on your purpose


Initiate change


Approach life with renewed energy and fresh perspective


This exploration is the perfect fit for you!

Sessions are conducted online via Zoom or Teams for your convenience. The cost is £295 for 2.5 hours, which can be split into two sessions or completed in one go. Your purchase includes a comprehensive workbook and a personalized report.

Have questions or need more information? Reach out to us at

Don't wait to start your astrological journey! Secure and pay for your session now, and we'll be in touch to schedule a time that suits you. You'll have three months to utilize your session, and cancellations or rescheduling are allowed up to 48 hours in advance.


Ready to dive into astrology and read your chart? Use the enquiry form below to get started!

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