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Leader as a Coach

Elevate Your Team with Coaching Workshops

Empower your team's evolution through our transformative coaching workshops. From resilience to impactful performances, our diverse modalities cater to leaders, team members, mentors, and entrepreneurs alike, fostering lasting change and deeper understanding.

Unlock Your Potential to:

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What You'll Achieve:

Embark on a transformative journey to master coaching and enhance your impact on social dynamics and communication. Acquire a versatile toolkit to navigate various challenges, deepen your understanding of self and others, and overcome common pitfalls in thinking and behavior. This journey is your key to lasting personal and professional growth.

Explore Our Workshops:

Discover how our customised workshops can make you and your team more effective. Enquire now to tailor a program to your team's specific needs.

Duration: 90 mins
Prices start at: £350

1 / Supporting People Using Emotional Intelligence

Harness emotional intelligence to better support people, improve leadership skills, enhance relationships, and derive more from life.

2 / An Introduction to Coaching - All You Need to Know

Develop core coaching skills to structure powerful conversations, create awareness, actively listen, and challenge thinking.

3 / How to Have a Powerful Conversation Around Goals

Explore impactful questioning techniques to help individuals connect with what truly matters to them.

4 / Tools for Exploring Needs, Values, Strengths, and Beliefs

Understand and leverage these crucial aspects to enhance resilience and wellbeing.

5 / Neuroscience and the Benefits of Finding More Ease

Develop an understanding of the brain and leverage neuroscience to create sustainable changes in people's lives.

6 / Facilitating Change for Yourself and Others

Navigate the stages of change, both practically and emotionally, to facilitate transformation effectively.

7 / Using Positive Psychology

Support individuals in creating positive thought patterns without avoiding negative emotions.

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