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Should you be doing less?

Don't forget that evolution involves BOTH surrender and strategic action. Most of us focus on the hard graft and the doing and forget that periods of surrender are also needed. Also known as periods of just letting things be... Having a growth mindset means being able to let go and allow things to flow...! Not just doing doing doing, tweaking tweaking tweaking…

When I work with people who are trying to make big change in their lives, I am always mindful of this. Part of the work I do is around surrendering to your core self – the self that doesn’t need to do anything other than ‘be’. It’s sometimes in that sense of stillness that answers emerge more effortlessly.

If you aren't taking strategic action right now then this is not an invitation to stay stuck! The two work hand-in-hand - it's about balance. If you are in a perpetual state of inaction then there is something to be explored around that (but that's another story!).

However, the thought of inaction feels absolutely terrifying to you then this is probably exactly what you need.... space. Moments in time when you aren't trying to control what comes and instead open up to possibility. Slow down and see what the world has to show you...


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