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What does it really take to make change?

All over the Internet people will tell you how to make change... Business. Life. Relationships. There are loads of snippets about what to do if you want something more magical than you already have...

And a lot of it is brilliant stuff. Changing limiting beliefs. Shifting your energy to something more magical. Practical action steps to take... But when I've tried to implement them it has felt MEH.

Then I realised that I have an entire PhD in exactly this and I know full well that making and navigating change in your life is multi layered!

It's about:

1. Knowing what is actually wrong in the first place (and what is right too!) - radical honesty about who you are and what you need and want.

2. Deep connection and self knowledge - including understanding what works for you on a unique level AND honouring your hidden and rejected parts.

3. Knowing your 'way of seeing' the world and how your beliefs and the stories you tell yourself are helping or hindering your way forward.

4. Release of stuck emotion and shifting your energy, as well as protecting it from any BS that might get in your way.

5. HOPE and vision - really, genuinely reconstructing your sense of what is possible into a blueprint you actually believe in.

6. Strategising and taking action in ways that shift your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours for lasting change.

These underpin everything I do - and I use them for myself too. It is a longer road than making attractive but empty plans and promises - however, it really works!


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